Danielle Ross loves documenting trips through photography. Her favorite thing to capture is lighthouses and made a point to visit as many as possible on a recent vacation on Cape Cod. Originally from Peabody, this was the 27-year-old's very first trip to the cape.

“I was off on my first adventure to the cape with my aunt, cousins, and a few of their friends,” Ross said. “We stayed on Kelly’s Pond in Dennis. When my aunt asked about driving to Provincetown I said yes as long as we could see some lighthouses along the way. We planned to see as many as we could.”

The family drove all the way to Race Point Beach and were tired from a full day shopping, but Ross was determined to get up close and personal to a lighthouse as all the others they were only able to see from a distance.

“We pulled up to the Nauset lighthouse and my eyes lit up and I was super excited,” Ross said. “We parked and arrived at sunset. We took photos of the lighthouse. We even hugged the lighthouse. As we took photos, we started chatting about how the lighthouse looked familiar, but we couldn’t place it. A local that was also there mentioned that it’s the same lighthouse on the bag of the Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips!”

Photo contributed by Danielle Ross
Photo contributed by Danielle Ross

Luckily, the family just happened to have some in the car and took photos with the bag and the lighthouse in the background. It was just too perfect of an opportunity to miss.

“I must say that the Nauset lighthouse is now one of my favorites and I will never forget that moment,” Ross said. “We had such a fun adventure on the cape. From the beaches and shops to the sunsets and of course, the lighthouses. It is my dream to see every lighthouse in New England and lots more near and far. Every lighthouse has its own story.”

You can find more photos from Ross on Instagram at DanisDailyAdventures.

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