This little obscure, mostly-forgotten chunk of Michigan is Turtle Island, smack on the border between Michigan and Ohio in Lake Erie. And since it’s not far from Toledo, Ohio, the island’s address is referred to as “Lake Erie, Toledo, Michigan.”


After a mostly harmless skirmish between Michigan and Ohio in 1836 – referred to as the “Toledo War” –  the island was attributed as Michigan property. Finally, in 1973, the Supreme Court split the ownership between the two states.

Over the last 200+ years, the island was used for lighthouses and vacation homes, all of which have been abandoned and in ruins…but mostly trespassers visit the island looking for excitement on this forgotten, abandoned piece of land, as you will see in the photos in the following gallery.

If you’re thinking of boating over there, you may be able to obtain permission from the owner.....I don't know for sure, but many people boat & canoe over there at their leisure.

[h/t AtlasObscura]

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