HUTCHINSON -- Minnesota State Patrol troopers made a critical delivery on July 21 that helped save a Hutchinson woman’s life.

Jenapher Blair started bleeding excessively due to complications while giving birth to her daughter, Adalyn. Doctors at Hutchinson Hospital did not have enough blood on hand so they made the call for more.

The blood needed for the transfusion was 80 miles away. Time was of the essence, so five State Patrol troopers jumped into action, forming a relay between St. Paul and Hutchinson.

The first trooper rushed from the blood bank to a Minnesota State Patrol flight crew waiting at the St. Paul Downtown Airport. The crew landed at Hutchinson Airport and handed the blood off to two troopers on the ground who delivered it to the hospital.

Troopers participating in the relay

  • Trooper Todd Merwin
  • Trooper Tim Knutson
  • Trooper Ben Madsen
  • Trooper Brett Stricker

Doctors told Jenapher she would not have survived had the blood not arrived quickly.

“It means the world to me that the troopers were able to get the blood to the
hospital in time,”

Jenapher said.

“My kids have a mom still and my
husband has his better half. The opportunity to have another day and live to tomorrow is amazing”

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

The Minnesota State Patrol transports blood, plasma and platelets from St. Paul or Minneapolis blood banks to requesting hospitals. Troopers also transport organs upon request.

State Patrol Relay Runs:
• 2021 YTD – 19
• 2020 – 26
• 2019 – 50
• 2018 – 48
• 2017 – 96
• 2016 – 89
• 2015 – 70
• 2014 – 50
• 2013 – 63
• 2012 – 95

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