Who Owns the Cabin on Wheels?

You might’ve seen the traveling cabin on wheels at the Lowe’s in Presque Isle. A lot of people were stopping to take pictures and posting them on social media.

We had a chance to meet the self-proclaimed wanderer who owns it, and talked to him about his journey. 

His name is Roger Dickerson. He’s 57-years-old and from Texas. He has a home there and had a successful construction business. 

Roger had never been to Maine and wanted to come to visit. In June, he built his own mobile home as a cabin on his truck just outside of Austin. He plans to take it on a trek across the country.

He travels with his dog named Qi, a 17-month-old red heeler American bulldog mix.

What’s Inside the Cabin?

The cabin has a microwave and refrigerator that runs off a battery. He uses a cooktop to make his meals, and also has running water with a 25-gallon tank. There’s a place for a shower too. There's no bathroom, but Roger says he uses public restrooms.

The back end of the cabin holds his motorcycle for getting around easily. Also, the back flips down to open up as a deck.

He's insulating the interior as he goes through Maine and some cooler states.

How Much Does It Cost to Travel?

Roger is on a budget of $7,000 plus a credit card. He says it’s plenty to live on especially when you don’t pay for a place to stay. He wants to be on the road for several months.

He plans to travel through the northern part of the country through New York and onto the west into Oregon, Washington and then down to Mexico. He said he wants to go places he’s never been before.

Where Do You Stay on the Road?

Roger says it’s easy to find places to park. He always asks permission. He parks at places like Lowe’s, Walmart, campsites and other public places. He also uses an app to find an area to stay overnight.

Wanderers and Travelers

Roger said there are wanderers and travelers on the road. He’s a wanderer who takes his time to see new places like Maine.

He likes to meet new people and see new cultures. He knows the cabin draws a lot of attention and it gets the conversation started. If you see him, talk to him about his trip. He has some really good stories he’ll share with you. You can also follow Roger and Qi on Instagram at Qi_and I.

Cabin on Wheels in Presque Isle, Maine

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