If you're like me, and you've lived in Maine all your life, you've also likely been eating whoopie pies all your life. It's such a Maine thing, that in 2011 the whoopie pie became the official state treat of Maine. It's that big a deal to us.

Despite the fact that there's still much debate between the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Virginia and Pennsylvania over which state the whoopie pie was invented in, Mainers will always look to the whoopie pie as something as Maine as lobster and Moxie.

It's such a simple treat too. Two small chocolate cakes sandwiching a sweet creamy filling. It could be the much better-tasting descendant of the Oreo cookie. Double Stuf? Mega Stuf? Nice try, but even that much filling doesn't compare to the awesomeness of the whoopie pie.

Jeff Parsons
Jeff Parsons

After all my years of eating whoopie pies, I found something that makes them even more delicious.

I opened up the freezer today and saw three whoopie pies sealed in freezer bags. I asked Michele why they were in there and she said, "Try them frozen. They're good." Frozen? What? They'll be hard as a rock, right?

I opened up the bag and pulled one out. It didn't feel like I expected it would. It wasn't as soft as it would have been if it was at room temperature, but it wasn't a hockey puck either.

I took a bite and my first thought was that it tasted like an ice cream cookie sandwich. The cake was still soft and the filling cool and a little frosty. And the best part? None of the cake got on my fingers. I have a thing about my fingers getting messy with food, so you'll never see me eating buffalo wings.

Now I can already tell you what you'll see in the comments on social:

  • "You didn't know this?
  • "Come on. I've been doing this for years.
  • "You're the last person in Maine to learn this
  • "I have every right to eat a whoopie pie how I want and the Government can't tell me to freeze it"

Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.

Hey if it's a thing that I never thought of my entire life, there's got to be at least one person reading this that hadn't thought of it either, and to them, I say, "You're welcome and enjoy!"

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