It has been super chilly lately, but it's not all bad because it means we can use our porch space as refrigerators again.

Which is something I learned is a foreign concept to people who are not from here.

I was watching a video online this weekend of someone making a Nashville-hot style turkey for Thanksgiving, and in the video the chef (Josh) mentions that he didn't know it was a thing that people just leave things like beer outside and it stays ice cold. (Watch the video here, the timestamp is about 4:30 to hear him discuss it.)

Using our porch as extra fridge space is an absolute luxury that we Minnesotans have. It means that when your friends bring over a case of beer or two, you can just toss it outside the patio door for easy access. Everything gets kept ice-cold, and you don't need to worry about playing cold-item Jenga in your fridge, worrying if everything will all topple out when the door is opened.

My first memory of fridge porches was as a kid at my grandparent's house for holiday gatherings. When you walk up to the house the sidewalk was lined with bottles of wines and various cold salads being kept chilled by Mother Nature herself.

As they should be.

Enjoy the porch-fridge season in Minnesota! It's here to make our lives easier for the next 4-ish months.

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