Some people simply have too much time on their hands, but in this story, it's worth every second.

Down in Buzzards Bay, in front of the Cape Cod Canal, there's a telephone pole directly across the street from a gym called Underground Fitness.

On that telephone pole is a bizarre, eye-catching flyer that is as strange as it gets. I swear, you can't make this stuff up.

A good friend of mine, Mikaylee McEwan, sent me this photo of the flyer, which reads:

Courtesy Mikaylee McEwan
Courtesy Mikaylee McEwan

Most of these seagulls that are frequenting the Canal are actually cleverly disguised drones. They are working for the New Zealand government and collecting all of your personal information. They are listening to your phone conversations, observing your Tinder activity, and collecting your banking information to purchase vast amounts of peanut butter for their dingo population. Please use great caution when they are near to protect your privacy and hard-earned assets. If you feel you have been a victim of this scam, please contact 1-707-998-8410.

Right away you know this is nothing but a ridiculous cry for attention, but the phone number at the bottom is somewhat enticing (in my opinion).

So, I called it.

Turns out, it had absolutely nothing to do with fake seagull drones or the Australian government. Instead, I was greeted by the voice of a 5-year-old kid who was running through the prompts of a kindness hotline.

That's right, it was the viral kindergarten hotline from Healdsburg, California, a small project put together by students, which blew up big around the country.

Right now, someone out there is trolling the tourists and locals of Buzzards Bay in the kindest fashion and I'm here for it.

It's safe to say that curiosity about a "caution" sign was worth the call after all.

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