ST. CLOUD -- When it comes to helping the homeless here in our community one St. Cloud man has taken matters into his own hands.

Guice Harbor is a trained cook who has been quietly making meals for people who can't afford them for over 10 years now. He cooks about 30 full meals a day three times a week using his grill at home.

Recently, a post about his efforts went on the St. Cloud Community Facebook page which has drawn attention and offers to help.

He says the biggest thing he'd like to accomplish is finding a church or a kitchen so he can scale up his efforts.

We're looking for donations - cash or food, volunteers too.

Harbor says he mainly brings his prepared meals to the Lincoln Center Homeless Shelter on Lincoln Avenue Southeast in St. Cloud.

As for why he continues to cook for the homeless, he credits his grandmother.

It ain't no long story, my grandmother she used to always look out for people, and my family still looks out for people you know.

Harbor has lived in St. Cloud for over 20 years. For the past nine summers, he's been the cook on the sports deck for the St. Cloud Rox baseball team.

If you'd like to help with a donation you can reach out to him on his Facebook page.

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