It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

At least, it is in downtown Casper, thanks to the David Street Station Christmas Tree Lighting and the Casper Christmas Parade.

On Saturday, scores of Casper residents descended upon the downtown area for lights, cameras, and a whole lot of action. It was 'Christmas at the Movies' in Casper, and all of the big ones were represented in some way, shape, or form.

There was Ralphie and his trusty Red Ryder BB Gun, guarding Christmas from multiple Grinches who were trying to steal it. The Polar Express made a stop in Casper, as did a chariot upon which Jack Skellington and his blushing bride sat while they detailed their Nightmare Before Christmas. Three separate Cousin Eddie's were on hand to let us know that the sh*tter was full. Hearts were full as well (we know, weird segue) and this year, especially, showed how truly incredible Casper is...especially during Christmastime.

"It was the Hallmark movie moment that I wanted," beamed Gena Jensen, the coordinator for the Casper Christmas Parade. "This is was perfect. From the get-go to the end. Just to see everybody having fun and being happy and getting in the moment, it was really too much for my heart to take."

The floats weren't the only highlights of the evening, either. The festivities began with the ceremonial lighting of the David Street Christmas Tree. The DSS Christmas Tree has only been around for a few years, but it has already established itself as one of the absolute hallmarks of Christmastime in Casper.

The weather was perfect, the wind was kept to a minimum, and the only thing missing was a light, glistening snow fall. Gena Jensen and the rest of the Casper Chamber of Commerce set out to make this year's Christmas Parade an event to remember, and it certainly will be.

"Everything came together perfectly," Jensen said. "Now we start planning for next year. I hope this year proved that the more the community gets involved, the bigger and better everything can be."

The 2021 Downtown Casper Christmas Parade was big. The floats were creative, the candy was plentiful, and the lights were enchanting. Most importantly, the people were happy. And at the end of the day, at the end of the movie, that's all that matters. The ending is what counts. It's Ralphie getting his beloved BB gun and inevitably shooting his eye out. It's the Grinch, as his heart grows three sizes, slicing the Roast Beast for the citizens of Whoville. It's Clark Griswold getting his bonus, Buddy the Elf getting his father's love, and Kevin McCallister getting his family back after being left Home Alone. And, in this story, at the end of this movie, it's Casper coming together and celebrating what is sure to be a Christmas to remember.

Downtown Casper Christmas Parade 2021