The internet can be a real crazy place and when it comes to online yard sales and marketplaces, the selection is nothing less than a cornucopia of gold.

From the Facebook Marketplace to online yard sale groups, there's always something for everyone, it simply comes with a price. I've seen a lot of weird things and items for sale such as a used bathroom plunger and a stuffed pet cat (yes, this is a real thing), but when it comes to the hustle, there's no one like Dee Nadeau of Middleboro.

Nadeau is not a music major, but just so happens that she knows what a music cleft is. This pretzel is indeed twisted, but as a music major, this pretzel comes with musicology territory.

Photo Credit: Dee Nadeau/Facebook Yard Sale
Dee Nadeau/Facebook Yard Sale

Although the pretzel was sold for a cool "hundo" over the weekend and is no longer available, I'm still admiring the twists and turns of this low-sodium treat. I had asked the seller if she was indeed a music major herself in which she replied, "No, I'm just having fun."

Well, regardless of what she's doing, the fact that she sold a tiny carb for $100 is as impressive as it comes.

It just goes to show that anyone can sell anything these days for an obscene amount of moolah. Take for example the $15 Dorito I bought from a guy from the Bronx. If there's a big enough demand or interest for something, it will be purchased – just like Nadeau's fancy pretzel that she probably dug out of the bottom of an Utz bag, if we're going to be honest.

Another overpriced meaningless item has been sold thanks to the wonders of the interwebs and social media. I'm more proud of Nadeau than anything. If she can sell a single tiny pretzel for $100, imagine what I can get for a still-frozen hot pocket.

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