As kids we all had dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up. Perhaps you wanted to be a scientist or an astronaut or you were like me and wanted to be a ballerina and do some veterinarian work on the side. Well, for Massachusetts State Trooper Cody Titus, that dream was to be a rodeo cowboy! And wouldn't you know, that dream came to life today at work when he needed to wrangle a horse on the loose in the teeny town of Richmond, MA. Just another day at the office! Allow me to back it up.

According to the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page, Trooper John Blanchard and Trooper Cody Titus responded to the call that a horse was on the loose. The horse was just kind of wandering, looking a little confused and it was heading towards Swamp Rd. which is apparently a heavily traveled area. UH OH!

In no time at all, Trooper Blanchard and Trooper Titus located the animal. Granted, it's not too hard to miss a confused horse trotting down the street. Trooper Titus then sprang into action with the song "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson undoubtedly playing in his head the entire time. His Rodeo Cowboy career had officially begun and he was able to use a makeshift lasso from his cruiser and successfully take custody of the horse. Trooper Blanchard blocked the horses path of escape with the cruiser.

As it turns out the horse's name is Salty and she is a recent addition to the Win Place Show race horse rescue. Salty wasn't really feeling Trooper Titus at first. She was like "I don't know you. I'm not following you anywhere" but when Trooper Titus shared his lunch with his new friend which included carrots and apples (packed by his wonderful wife Kara) Salty started whistling a different tune.

This amazing photo was captured and posted to the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page. I feel like it should be made into a post card:

Great job troopers! We're happy to hear miss Salty is safe and sound.

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