Nature is a beautiful thing.

That is a ridiculously clichéd statement, but it's also 100% true. Mainers are reminded of this constantly. I guarantee you everyone you know has a story about a run-in or two with nature. Heck, I could tell you a thousand, including bears on the golf course and snakes living in my mud room (that's how nightmares begin).

As great as many of these stories are, nothing will ever beat the visual aspect. Whether it be local news or the countless outlets on the internet, the visual aide is always stronger.

Enter Karl Ramsdell. Karl is the admin for the Facebook page "MAINE Wildlife", a group dedicated to the discussion and media sharing of Maine's animals and living nature. The public page has close to 100,000 members since its inception in 2016.

Karl is not just the admin, but also a tremendous photographer. He posts many of his photos on the MAINE Wildlife page, including a few of the now famous river otters of Evergreen Cemetery in Portland.

The first photo Karl posted was very cute.

Karl Ramsdell
Karl Ramsdell

Here is a river otter, just hanging out in the middle of Portland, clearly not a care in the world. Actually looks like he might just be snoring it up. Just a fantastically detailed photo.

As good as this shot was, Karl brought down the house with his next one.

Karl Ramsdell
Karl Ramsdell

What an image. A simply spectacular shot of nature's life cycle. The river otter showing its predatory hunting ability, with a very unlucky fish in its mouth. Also, I'm amazed by how clean the otter's teeth look.

This photo really has it all. It even has compassion. It's simply impossible not to feel something for the unlucky fish. Just look at that facial expression. It's quite eerie to think about.

The river otters have made quite a home for themselves over in Evergreen Cemetery, attracting many folks like Karl.

Kudos to Karl. These images are quite something. And if you are interested in more of Maine's wildlife check out the "MAINE Wildlife" Facebook page.

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