A Grand Junction mom has shared a story about the cute moment her 3-year-old daughter met a Grand Junction cop. The Grand Junction Police Department stated that experiences like this are why they do what they do.

The Grand Junction Police Department recently shared a picture on their Instagram of a police officer and his number one fan. The story all starts when a Grand Junction mom and her 3-year-old daughter were walking into Walmart on North Avenue.

The little girl got so excited when she saw the police officer at Walmart she asked her mom for a picture with him. As they were walking up to the Grand Junction Police Officer the 3-year-old girl just couldn't contain herself, she ran up to Officer Allen and hugged his leg.

The Grand Junction mom and her daughter asked if they could take a picture with him and his response was 'of course!' according to the Grand Junction Police Department's Instagram post. This mom went on to rave about how nice the police officer was and how polite he was to her daughter.

The Grand Junction Police Department wanted to share this heartwarming experience with everyone on their Instagram. GJPD stated how much they love engaging members of the community. The Grand Junction Police Department also stated on their Instagram that they love fostering positive relationships with their local youth.

You can see just how happy the 3-year-old girl and the Grand Junction police officer are in the picture above and below. As the GJPD says on their Instagram 'these smiles say it all!.'

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