If you drive through the Winchell neighborhood in Kalamazoo, you may find a 13 foot dragon, or a lion's head with its big teeth staring at you. Or an angel. Or even a lizard on a tree.

These are all the creations of Mike Huver, who says sculpting in snow (in the winter) or sand (in the summer) is his hobby. While the warmth of the summer may sound more appealing, it may be that working with snow might be a little easier.

Says Huver, in an email, "It’s just a hobby for me, no art background. I just do snow sculpting at home and sand sculptures at the beach."

"I just do it for fun and my neighbors enjoy it."

Huver says the picture of the 13’ dragon "was my tallest but the bust of Kong took the most snow." He says he does nothing special. "No special tools are used, just my hands. The detail work depends on the temperature and the quality of the snow."

He says he doesn't do snow sculpting competitions, but the guess here is, his neighbors are glad if it has to snow, that they have such a talented person in the neighborhood.

Take a look at Mike's work this winter.

Snow Sculptures in Kalamazoo, Michigan

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