I don't know if you've heard, but I am growing a baby in my belly!

I feel so fortunate to have the resources I need to ensure my baby is clothed, clean, and as healthy as possible.

Oh, and here's a cute pic of me and Steven and our growing baby!


I know that many families face financial hardships when raising their little ones. It is only getting more expensive to have children.

The cost of childcare is at an all-time high, not to mention the price of diapers jumped 20% nationally in 2022 over the previous year, according to data from Nielson IQ.

Logan and I decided that in celebration of me bringing new life into this world, we want to give back to families in need right here in New Hampshire. That's how Kira and Logan's Diaper Drive was born.

Starting the week of September 18, we will be all over this great state collecting diapers. Our mission is to collect 9,750 diapers. Get it? for 97.5 WOKQ!

Every donation makes a huge difference! $25 buys 125 diapers!  $50 buys 280 diapers! All diapers collected will be given to families in our backyard through Catholic Charities of New Hampshire.

Where we will be:

9/18, 12-1pm Shaw’s in Hooksett

9/20, 12-1pm Shaw’s in Stratham

9/21, 5-6pm Granite State Fair, Rochester

9/22 12n-1pm  Market Basket, 5 Garden Lane, Londonderry

9/26, 12n-1pm Shawn's in Dover

9/27,12-1pm Walmart in Portsmouth

9/29, 11am-12pm Walmart in Newington

9/29, 1-4pm Deerfield Fairgrounds at Main Gate

More diaper drops will be announced soon!

Can't meet us but want to help? You can donate by clicking this link or selecting the amount below.


I can't think of a better way to celebrate my baby than this. We are so excited to hit the streets! Can you help us reach our goal?

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