Christmas music 24/7! Are you Team Lori or Team Jeff?

Let's break down the different teams:


Here's what you need to be on Team Lori:

  • unbridled enthusiasm for all things Christmas
  • a very ugly Christmas sweater
  • a Santa hat
  • high tolerance for eggnog
  • enjoys all Christmas lights - white, multi-colored, blinking, you name it
  • a 'good enough' knowledge of all the lyrics to every Christmas song ever written

Knack Factory came to 949 HOM and spent the day capturing Lori's enthusiasm in just 15 seconds. By the way, Kurt and the entire crew at Knack Factory should be your number-one choice when shooting any type of commercial video.


Here's what you need to be on Team Jeff:

  • a tolerance of the holiday season
  • a love of the song, 'Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer'
  • doesn't own one Christmas article of clothing
  • all Santa hats are too small
  • thinking the best part of the holidays is all the cookies
  • only knowing the Jingle Bells, Santa Smells...version of Jingle Bells

While Knack Factory was here, they happened to notice while interviewing Jeff, that while he enjoys the holidays - Lori might be driving him a bit batty.

This is Lori and Jeff's first Christmas on 949 HOM. The switch has been flipped and it's all Christmas music until midnight on Christmas day. So what team are you on? Do you have all your Christmas shopping if not done, most certainly started? (Team Lori) Or are you waiting until Christmas Eve because Walgreens always has a healthy choice of gift cards to purchase? (Team Jeff) Either team, have 949HOM as your background to it all.


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