As Taylor Swift Nation collectively catches its breath after three unforgettable nights in Foxboro, I've been told I should share a personal experience I had with one of the most famous women in the world.

I hesitate to do it. My family and I have truly been blessed to meet Ms. Swift a number of times. We've had so many special moments with the pop star that it's actually an embarrassment of riches.  At the risk of sounding braggy, I ultimately decided to write it because the story is just that good.

It was the first time we met Taylor, and it immediately put her at a level like no other.

In my 30-year radio career, I've met my fair share of celebrities. I'm not gonna lie. It's a fun part of the job.  However, I've never had anything like the backstage experiences that we shared with Taylor Swift.

Just weeks away from her 6th birthday, I brought my daughter, Reagan, to Gillette Stadium to meet Taylor. This was during the Speak Now tour in 2011, and when my little girl and I walked into the backstage area, we were blown away.  Right away I knew this was going to be different.  Instead of the usual backstage setup, Taylor had transformed the area into an exact replica of her Nashville apartment.

"I want people to feel like they're in my home," she told us.

Here's an interesting fact. Before meeting Taylor, everyone had to supply a recent photo. The reason? She studied the pictures before meeting her guests so that she could personalize her hello.

I can't stress enough that no other artist does this. It's not normal.

Reagan asked me, "Daddy, what song do you think she'll play first?"

"I don't know," I said, "but why don't you ask her?"

So, right after Taylor walked into the room, called Reagan by her name and gave her a big hug, my daughter asked her what the first song would be that night.

Taylor frowned just a bit.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I don't tell anyone that," Taylor said to Reagan, "but if I whisper it in your ear, do you promise not to tell?"

Understanding the gravity of the moment, little Reagan nodded.

"It's your birthday coming up, isn't it?" Taylor asked, already knowing the answer to the question. More nodding.

Taylor bent down and whispered "Sparks Fly" into Reagan's ear, and wouldn't you know it, that was the exact song to kick off the show, complete with fireworks and all. The incredible moment was caught by a photographer who was covering the event.  It was probably one of the Top 10 most memorable moments of my lifetime.

Michael Rock/Townsquare Media
Michael Rock/Townsquare Media

Two weeks later, a card with a Nashville postmark arrived at Fun 107.

It was addressed to Reagan Rock. The return address was a simple "T Swift" in the superstar's handwriting.

It was a "Happy 6th Birthday" card, thanking Reagan for coming to her show.

Who takes time out of running a world tour to write a birthday card for a 6-year-old?  Taylor Swift does.

Two years later, when Reagan and I were invited backstage again for the Red tour, we brought the photo for Taylor to autograph.

She signed it,

Reagan and I will never tell!


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an incredible human.

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