Wes Nessman has been on the radio for as long as I can remember and then some. I used to cruise around with my buddies in high school, jamming 94.5 FMX and listening to him and Heathen on The RockShow. I never thought in a million years that I would have the great privilege of sitting across from him each day, cutting up and being totally ridiculous together. It's got to be the best job in town. No joke.

Happy Birthday, Wes Nessman! You are old as s**t, and yet somehow still the coolest dude in town.

To an outsider, Wes can be a bit intimidating. He's big and tall and tells you exactly what he thinks, even if it pisses you off. He knows what he likes and he knows what he doesn't, and he doesn't have a whole lot of time for bulls**t. He's one of the hardest working people I've ever met, and he has taught me so much about what it takes to get up ass early and come into the studio with a smile, even on the days you don't quite feel like it.

He's also a HUGE softie, but you didn't hear it from me. He loves animals and making people smile. He has a huge heart, a great shoulder to cry on, and he gives excellent advice when you really need it.

Happy Birthday Wes!

The first time I met Wes, I was competing in the Lubbock Laugh Off. I wasn't sure if he liked my performance or not, but I remember he sent me a Facebook message afterward and told me to "keep up the good work." I was pretty stunned to get a message from someone that had been so famous to me since I was a kid. I was glad that he didn't think I was a total s**t show. It was my first time performing in that competition, and I was very nervous.

Years down the line and after the tragic loss of his former partner Kelly Plasker, he called me up and asked if I might be interested in joining the show. It completely changed my life, and I owe him more than I could ever really say, so I'll go ahead and shut up now.

Please join me in wishing your pal in the radio business, Wes Nessman, a fantastic birthday!

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