It's really interesting getting to learn about ghost towns, and there are many of them around Minnesota. There are also quite a few in southern Minnesota. I was able to find 9 ghost towns in the area that are all within 100 miles of Rochester, Minnesota. Actually, most of them are within an hour, so an easy trip if you wanted to check any of these out.

All but three of the ghost towns on this list are along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, which makes sense because that's where the Mississippi River runs. The Mississippi would have been incredibly useful for early settlers.

9 Strange Ghost Towns Within 100 Miles of Rochester, Minnesota

Ghost towns are interesting to learn about and there are many around Minnesota. But here are 9 ghost towns that are all within 100 miles of Rochester, Minnesota. Most of them are actually within an hour.

4 Most Haunted Hotels Within an Hour of Rochester

These four hotels in Southeast Minnesota are some of the most haunted in the state, and they're all within an hour of Rochester, MN.