My husband is somewhat of a mountain man, though he would likely object to me calling him that.

Last week he traveled into the Mountains in Northern Wyoming for a pack trip. They rode almost 70 miles, camped (no tents), hiked, and fished.

Midway through their journey, my husband came upon a journal, lost in the middle of the Wyoming Wilderness.

Sadly it looks like the journal was lost on day one of this particular man's adventures, but there were enough entries within that time that we thought we would share them in the hopes that perhaps you may know who this traveler is.

I personally was the most impressed with the drawings.

FOUND: Eccentric Journal Lost Deep In The Wyoming Wilderness

The journal was found near the Thorofare located in Northern Wyoming. It is bound in Navy Blue Leather and has both drawings and written entries.

Maybe eccentric isn't exactly the right word to use to describe this journal, but after reading the entries from day one I can't help but feel that there isn't another word that would be better.

I do feel bad that this hiker lost this on the first day, he was obviously really enjoying recording his thoughts and impressions.

Hopefully, he didn't let it ruin his trip, and he still enjoyed his time in Wyoming.

If you think you may know whose journal this is please contact us through the My Country Mobile App.

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