History was made at the El Paso Zoo on Wednesday, April 19, when Gigi gave birth to a healthy 6-foot, 110-pound male giraffe marking the first time that a giraffe has ever been born at the city-run zoo.

And now he needs a name.

The El Paso Zoo will be asking for the public’s input in naming the new addition, according to its social media. They haven’t revealed how just yet, but I’m a go-getter and a self-starter so I have taken the initiative to get the ball rolling.

That, plus I have an agenda. I’ve been trying for years to get a listener to name their child Pifas, but haven’t been successful. Although some years ago a listener did name her Chihuahua Pifas. (Thanks, Vanessa!)

My hope is zoo officials will read this and agree that Pifas would be a great name for an El Paso-born giraffe. Or, at the very least, go with one of these listener suggestions.

El Pasoans Have Suggestions

Valerie Lomeli
Franklin, to honor our beautiful Franklin Mountains

Rheanna Castruita
Dusty … cuz ya know, all the dirt and dust

Liza Sanchez
How about Sunny, since he was born in the Sun City

Laura Armendariz
Edgar [*Writer’s Note: Ha! His tuft of hair does kind of look like the "Edgar" bowl cut.]

Christine Goodman Guerra
Geoffrey (like the Toys R Us giraffe)

Christi Guerrero
Melman (think Madagascar)

Flavia Howard
Juma-gi (Juma and Gigi) [*Writer's Note: Juma is the baby daddy's name]

Francisco Y Myrtha Munoz
Rafa la Jirafa

That last one cracks me up, I love it. But still hoping for Pifas. Fingers crossed.

City of El Paso
City of El Paso

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