In the early days of my wife's treatment for uterine cancer, my family decided to be as forthcoming as we could about Beth's cancer and how the treatment was progressing.

We thought it was important to shine a little light on what it's like for a family to experience this very scary situation that so many families find themselves in.

So, here's the best news we've had since Beth's cancer diagnosis last fall. The cancer treatment is over.

This week, Beth finally finished 30 rounds of radiation and, having earlier had hysterectomy surgery and undergone six rounds of chemotherapy, she now graduates to the post-treatment designation of 'cancer survivor.'

Obviously, my wife, my kids, and I are super happy to have reached this point after an experience that cast a pale over the already dark days of the pandemic.

I have included a social media post from Beth below that will give you some idea of what it's like to reach this end-of-treatment goal from her perspective. And you can watch her bang the end of treatment gong.

What my wife is too gracious to get into detail about is just how difficult the radiation treatments were for her.

We were told she should expect some minor side effects as the treatments progressed. The medical team said some minor fatigue and maybe a little food intolerance might be an issue because the radiation was being directed near her bladder, but everyone reacts differently.

What happened to Beth was the extreme version of those side effects, with bouts of extreme fatigue from day one and an almost complete inability to keep any food down for almost two months. She lost 20 pounds during the course of the radiation.

Even now that the treatments are over, she has to carefully monitor what foods she eats, or she'll have problems.

But, things are slowly improving, and we're all ready to put the treatment behind us and get back to living our lives. Thanks to all who have kept us in their prayers. Eddie

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