The Chicago Bears' social media team deserves an excellence award for their simple, yet hilarious reaction to Aaron Rodgers being traded by the Green Bay Packers.

Mixed Reactions to the Aaron Rodgers Trade

I am NOT going to sit here and pretend that I follow sports. I'm also not going to pretend that I truly understand what the whole trading of players between sports teams is all about.

A couple of things I do know about the Green Bay Packers trading Aaron Rodgers to the Jets are:

  • People are either REALLY happy or REALLY mad about the terms of the trade deal.
  • It is ingrained in every Chicago Bears fan to HATE Aaron Rodgers with a passion, and now each one of them is celebrating his departure from the Packers.

Best Reactions to the Aaron Rodgers Trade

Since social media is currently obsessed with the Aaron Rodgers trade, I've seen a LOT of funny reactions come across my news feeds. Here are just a few of my favorites...

New York Jets

But my favorite reaction of them all is the simple (and adorable) GIF that the
Chicago Bears

HA HA HA! Sometimes the best reactions require no words at all. Best of luck to you, Aaron Rodgers, may we never have to see your face in Chicago Bears country ever again. 

(Does anyone want to start placing wagers on how long it will be before Aaron Rodgers retires?)

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