Today is Chad's 50th birthday and in true fashion, the butthead took a day off.  I mean really?  How many vacation days does he even get?!  Look at me, I'M CHAD!

Seriously, is he paying someone with the hair on his head to get extra days added to his PTO?  That would explain where all of his hair went to.

Looking back on the first time we met I should have known we were going to be forever friends.  Even 20 years ago he was cracking jokes at me as I strolled across the stage at Daviess County High School.  It was the end of my reign as Miss Daviess County and Chad the emcee.  I am a super grateful person and I thanked everyone and I mean everyone!  He sat patiently annoyed (as he still does today) chin in hand waiting for his final move.  As my speech ended and tears ran down my cheeks he said without missing a beat "well good Lord she could have walked to Townsquare Mall and back" the whole crowd went up in roaring laughter.

Fast Forward 20 years later and he is still doing the very same thing.  I wasn't ever super close to any of my own siblings so having Chad has truly been a blessing.  He is like the snot-nosed big brother who succeeds at everything and tells you what to do all the while monitoring your every breath.  It makes me want to hug and strangle him all in the same instance.  And I am the adorable little sister that keeps him on his toes.  It's what we do.

People only get a small glimpse into what our relationship is really like.  We argue, we laugh, we cry, laugh some more, and mostly we take care of one another.  Countless times I have heard a knock at the door only to find him holding dinner or dessert for my family.

I would like to honor him will a photo gallery of a few of my very favorite photos ever.


Today is Chad's 50th Birthday and I am celebrating in photos

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