Not every friendship you make in high school will stand the test of time. People change. But I'm fortunate to be able to say that two of my closest friends today are two of my best friends from Anamosa High School and the class of 1993. And in a full circle moment, all three of us have sons graduating in the class of 2023!

I've known Kevin and Paul for over 30 years. We all attended Anamosa High School in Jones County. Kevin and I bonded over sports. We both loved basketball and had some epic pickup games back in the 1990s. Paul and I both love the outdoors. We spent many falls hunting pheasants and deer in the fields of our family farm and many other fields in Jones County. Even though Kevin went to college miles away while Paul and I attended Kirkwood, we'd all get together whenever he came back on break.

We were all in each other's weddings and we all had sons born around the same time. A fact that didn't really sink in until earlier this year when we all realized that 30 years after the three of us graduated from high school, our sons were all going to graduate in 2023. This weekend Paul's son Owen had his graduation party and the three pals from Anamosa were all present with their sons. It was a picture and moment 30 years in the making!

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

Paul, Kevin, and myself together with our sons Chase, Brandon, and Owen. Three bald guys in their 40s with their sons who all have full heads of hair. Enjoy it while you can! It's another special bond that will keep three friends from Jones County sharing stories for years to come.

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